In 2015, Jaap built a large piglet barn of 27 x 61 m². Inoxdoors supplied all exterior doors and interior doors. "It was stainless steel doors with polyester panels. Simple and very solid doors that are extremely resistant to ammonia. This client recently expanded the stable space; for the new barn he wanted exactly the same doors: two double and one single. Because he was very satisfied with it. "

Easy assembly

Inoxdoors delivers the doors with frames to the building site. "It is all easy to place. You have to keep an eye on things, of course; such as pressing the frame well in the back of the recess. But nothing can go wrong. There are also wedges, in case the recess is not completely tidy. With these wedges you can adjust and secure the frame. The locks are also solid. Mounting, left or right, is easy with the click system. "

Much customization

Jaap has been working with Inoxdoors for some years now. "It is a solid company that flexibly anticipates customer questions. I do a lot of renovations myself, so I need a lot of custom-made doors. That is no problem at Inoxdoors; they make the most products custom-made in-house. And fast too! "