Achieving results together for the customer

Karel Aangeenbrug, AGB Bouw

“I know few companies about which I am as satisfied as Inoxdoors. They think along, deliver quickly and the products are of high quality. Together we will achieve a good result for the customer ”, says Karel Aangeenbrug, owner of AGB Bouw in Berkenwoude.

AGB Bouw is a specialist in hall and stable construction in the agricultural sector. The company recently built a new hall for a cheese factory in Bergambacht. Inoxdoors supplied all doors and windows. It concerned a total of 2 sliding doors, 7 interior doors, 9 windows and 3 exterior doors

Custom and good advice

Upon request, Inoxdoors will come to your home to measure and think! What is best for your barn, what are the options. The sandwich panels used by Inoxdoors are supplied with an anti-rust agent especially for the stables!

Inoxdoors also thinks about the assembly and if possible we try to achieve the fastest possible delivery time!