The right stainless steel door
for every stable and production hall

(plus windows and frames)

Smart stable constructors and hall constructors opt for Inoxdoors. Why? We supply the stainless steel doors and plastic windows and frames that you need. Strong, durable products that look good. In standard dimensions where possible, customised dimensions where necessary.

Low maintenance


Strong in customization

Fast delivery

Nederlands Fabricaat - InoxDoors

Produced in the Netherlands,
quality assured

Inoxdoors develops and produces its stainless steel doors in house in Lunteren. Produced in the Netherlands, quality assured. We work closely with a specialist manufacturer on the production of windows, frames and cold store doors. Renowned stable constructions and hall constructors use our products in:

  • Stables for poultry, pigs and cattle
  • Production halls and industrial construction
  • And more

Products for demanding environments

All of our interior doors are based on stainless steel, which is extremely strong and low maintenance. Combined with polyester door panels (or alternatively, sandwich panels), this helps to ensure a strong door that requires virtually no maintenance for a clean and attractive appearance for 10 or 20 years. The brushed stainless steel has a clean, attractive appearance. Our exterior doors are made from durable, low-maintenance PVC or sandwich panels, while our windows and frames are all based on high-quality PVC, making them ideal for any demanding environment.

Nederlands fabricaat

In standard and customised sizes

Our standard sizes are supplied directly from stock and can be ordered for collection or delivery for added convenience when working on construction or renovation projects. If you need a customised product then don't worry! Inoxdoors produces reliable customised products, options also include customised colours. We aim to deliver as quickly as possible, usually within just 3 weeks.

In-house production in the Netherlands!

We produce the majority of our products in house at our site in Lunteren. Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and an efficient and flexible way of working, production of customised products is no more complicated than production of standard products.