Are you a constructor of production halls, stables or barns? Are you considering ordering one or more products from Inoxdoors? Doors, windows and/or frames? Please gives us a call and we'll get to work. This is how we work, from quotation to delivery on site:


The construction process needs to get underway, so we always respond quickly to requests for quotation. We will make you a proposal and give you a price. The proposal will include a description of the product and the corresponding options. The proposal is a clear and transparent document designed to help you make a decision.

Order confirmation

If you agree with our proposal, we will draw up an order confirmation and send this to you for approval. This document will also include the preferred week of delivery for your products.


Once we've received your signature, the order can go into production. In our factory, we use table shears, two punch/nipple machines and an angle bender for sheet metal, and we use them in that order during production. This machinery helps us to make the profiles. Elsewhere in the factory, we cut the polyester or sandwich panels to size. We then assemble the final product.


We package every product for maximum protection. Each package includes a box of fittings and installation instructions. We place your order on pallets and transport them to the construction site using our own transport vehicles.

Optional: installation by our fitters

We can also take care of the installation of doors, windows and frames if your prefer. This is often the best approach when it comes to larger projects. We'd be happy to discuss the options with you.