Do you have question about Inoxdoors, our products or our services? Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, you can contact us at any time.

Who are Inoxdoors?

Inoxdoors was founded in 2011 as a manufacturer and supplier of doors for the agricultural sector. Today, our products are also used in production hall construction and barn construction projects. We also supply plastic windows and frames. When it comes to complete façades, Inoxdoors is a one-stop shop.

Is Inoxdoors a large company?

Not at all, Inoxdoors is a compact but strong company with a team of specialist employees. This helps us to maintain close relationships with our customers. We set great store by the personal attention of a close relationship.

I need a door quickly, can I come and collect one?

Yes, provided its a standard format as we always have standard dimensions in stock. If it's a customised door, we deliver within 3 weeks of ordering.

Where are the doors, windows and frames made?

We produce most doors in house in Lunteren, including interior and exterior doors, sliding doors and double doors. Our fire doors are produced by a specialist partner on account of the in-depth knowledge and production that these require.

Where are windows and frames made?

Our windows and frames are produced by a specialist manufacturer carefully selected as a partner on account of price, quality and reliability. Customised dimensions are no problem.

Why do you use stainless steel for your doors, not aluminium?

Stainless steel is an extremely strong and very durable product. With less material thickness, we can achieve high quality and strength. Aluminium needs to be thicker to be suitable. In addition, stainless steel requires no powder coating, while aluminium does. We always use brushed stainless steel for a clean, attractive appearance.

Can I order your products in any colour?

Yes, we supply our doors, windows and frames in standard colours and can produce them in any RAL colour you would like. Please note that these colours may differ slightly from the RAL colour. How the colour ultimately looks depends on the surface (polyester or sandwich panel) and the powder coating. We endeavour to ensure that the colours that you want are as close to the original RAL colour as possible by working closely with a specialist paint shop.

Do your products need a lot of maintenance?

Quite the opposite actually. We only ever use low-maintenance materials — stainless steel, polyester and sandwich panels. Our products do not rust and retain their appearance for many years with normal use.

Can we engage Inoxdoors to install on site?

Of course. This is the usual approach on larger projects requiring multiple doors, windows and/or frames. Proper installation is an important factor in determining the long-term strength and durability of our products. If you choose to install our products yourself, always follow the installation instructions that we supply with every product. Should you have further questions, please give us a call.