Doors, windows and frames for the agricultural sector

If you're constructing a new stable for poultry, cattle or pigs, then you'll be looking to install a smart façade, both inside and out. The most hygienic option would be PVC. Inoxdoors specialises in the production and delivery of stainless steel doors with PVC panels and plastic windows and frames for the agricultural sector. We produce everything in house, which allows us to deliver our products rapidly, even customised products.

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Successful construction with Inoxdoors

Our recommendation is to always consider your doors, windows and frames as early as possible, ideally in the design phase. Why? Thinking about it early on rules out the risk of a standard solution being unsuitable. Stable constructors achieve greater success with Inoxdoors.

  • Knowledge of the agricultural sector.
  • Standard dimensions always in stock
  • Customised products delivered within just 3 weeks (produced in house)