Stable doors need to extremely strong and long lasting, as well as low maintenance. Inoxdoors have been developed especially for use in demanding environments. We supply a range of stable doors. We keep all standard dimensions in stock. If you need customised doors, we can produce them and deliver within just 3 weeks. Produced in the Netherlands!

Practical, solid and good looking

Inoxdoors specialises in the production and supply of interior doors, exterior doors, sliding doors and double doors for stables. Inoxdoors products are easily recognisable thanks to:

  • Brushed stainless steel edging
  • Polyester or sandwich door panels
  • Strong stainless steel locks, rubber seals
  • Standard and customised dimensions
  • Insulated core (for a reliable indoor climate)
  • Available in standard colours, other colours are available on request
  • Option for interior doors: plastic window frame 600 x 300 mm
  • Option for exterior doors: aluminium window frame 600 x 600/800 mm


and good looking

Stable doors from Inoxdoors are fitted with stainless steel edging. Stainless steel is a strong material which, unlike aluminium, requires no powder coating. The brushed stainless steel helps to ensure an attractive appearance.

Low maintenance
and resistant to dirt

Our stable doors are resistant to dirt and are low maintenance thanks to the use of polyester or sandwich panels. Please note that polyester offers better resistance to damage than sandwich panels.

in any colour

We supply stable doors in a number of standard colours or any colour on request.

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