Solid, durable and put together to meet your requirements — the features that characterise plastic exterior doors from Inoxdoors. We develop stable, production hall and barn doors to meet your requirements, in any colour that you want. Choose a standard or double seal. Why not try polyester sandwich panels?

Solid, durable and good looking

Exterior doors from Inoxdoors are solid, durable and good looking! Features:

  • Sandwich or polyester door panels with insulated core
  • Solid stainless steel locks
  • The options that you need

Inox Outdoors

  • Standard dimensions (recess: 100 x 2125 mm) or customised dimensions
  • In 304 stainless steel as standard (or alternatively, 316 stainless steel)
  • Standard or double seal
  • Optional: three-point lock and/or combination lock
  • Optional: window or double glazing (600 x 600, 600 x 800 or customised dimensions)
  • Insulated core (for reliable climate management)


and good looking

We deliberately opt for stainless steel on account of its strong, heard-wearing properties. Unlike aluminium, stainless steel does not require a powder coating. The brushed stainless steel has an attractive appearance.

Low maintenance
and resistant to dirt

Polyester panels and sandwich panels are both extremely resistant to dirt, manure, salt and moisture. Polyester is also resistant to impact damage.

in elke kleur

Kies voor standaardkleuren of voor elke andere kleur. De polyesterpanelen leveren we in een aantal standaardkleuren. Buitenkant: groen (RAL6009), wit (RAL9016) en antraciet (RAL7016), binnenkant: wit (RAL9016). De sandwichpanelen leveren we standaard in zwart (RAL9005), wit (RAL9003), antraciet (RAL7016) en groen (RAL6007/6009 (buitenzijde paneel) en RAL9002 (binnenzijde).

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