A fire-resistant door can help to prevent misery in the event of a fire, whether it's a fire in a stable of animals or a production hall or barn containing expensive materials. Inoxdoors supplies tested fire-resistant doors for use in stables, production halls and barns, both as single and double versions. Available in any colour!

Fire-resistant doors that satisfy DIN EN 1634-1

Our fire-resistant doors satisfy the recent DIN EN 1634-1 standard.

Fire resistance is provided by:

  • Steel door panels and a fire-resistant core of mineral wool
  • Sealing strip for sealing cracks
  • Plastic door handle
  • Brandwerend El 2 volgens EN-1634-1
  • Enkele deuren (bxh): 970 x 2145 en 1020 x 2345 mm
  • Dubbele deuren (bxh): 1825 x 2145 mm
  • Maatwerk is mogelijk
  • Gepoedercoate staalplaten (150 mu)

Standard dimensions 
in stock

Need a fire door quickly? We keep all standard dimensions in stock. Customised doors are available on request.

Custom dimensions
are no problem

We supply both standard and customised dimensions, both as single and double versions.

in any colour

We supply fire doors in RAL 9002 as standard, but we can supply any colour on request.

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